Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved human praise more than praise from God.  John 12:42-43


Your fear is often misplaced. You say you believe in me. You say you believe in my son and yet your choices often show that your fear greater than your belief.

You fear the ridicule of man more than you believe that I have given you value as my child.

You fear harm to those you love, so you become angry at even the slightest possible harm, rather than believe that I protector and sovereign.

You fear running out of resources, so you store up treasures on earth, because you do not believe that I am provider.

You fear discomfort, so you’ve crafted a world where people respond to you as you want them to, where your surroundings are filled with pleasurable things, where you will never be without, because you do not believe that I am the God of comfort and the God of good who desires you to know His goodness more than human comfort.

You fear failure, so you do not risk, because you do not believe that you will be acceptable if you fall.

You fear success, so you hide your gift, because you do not believe that your gift is worth giving and that I will not be with you in your successes.

You fear things won’t turn out in your situation, so you work hard, hide feelings, and grow weary trying, because you do not believe that I am for you and for good in your situation.

You fear intimacy, so you become inauthentic, because you do not believe that my love for you is enough and that even your deepest secrets are not too much for me.

Your reactions, responses, choices and behaviors are indications of fear and belief. May your belief increase and may that which you fear be swallowed up by me, for I alone am good and right and perfect. Place your hope in me. Place your belief in me. And do not be afraid.


I pray that your belief in Jesus will increase.

I pray that you will trust in His good for you in every situation.

I pray that Holy Spirit will show you where you have fear.

I pray that you will confess your fear to God and that he will replace every fear with belief and hope in Jesus.

I pray that your life will be a story of boldness and that others will know in you peace and see your lack of fear and that they will be drawn to Jesus.


Is there good that you know you are to do and have not because you’ve been afraid for various reasons? Today, place your belief in Jesus and step out, doing the good you’ve avoided out of fear.

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