It was just before the Passover Festival. Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to leave this world and to go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end. John 13:1

My love is complete. I do not give up on loving you. I do not tire of loving you. I do not throw in the towel or throw my hands up in surrender. My love for you is until the very end.

Trust this! What good news. I am your greatest and most complete lover. I know you. I formed you. I’ve walked with you. I have sat with you. I have cried with you and I have cried for you. I have been with you on the wings of the dawn and I have been with you on the far side of the sea. I have been with you to the greatest heights and your greatest depths. I have not abandoned you one time and my love for you has never run dry.

I am the lover of your soul.

I will love you for all of eternity.

Rest in my love. Rejoice in it. Soak in it. Let the thought of me, the God of the Universe, loving you just as you are right at this moment come over you. As you sit in this glorious thought bring to me all of the places where you have felt my love could not reach. Bring to my your brokenness. Bring to me your pride. Bring to me your fear. Bring to me your deceit. Bring to me your wants. Bring to me your anger. Bring to me your disappointments. Bring to me all of you and let my love, my complete love wash over every part. As my love touches you in your depths, ask me to transform you to live out of my love. Celebrate. Rejoice. Be glad. For I, the God of the Universe love you completely.


I pray that you will know the deep love of Jesus.

I pray that you will be transformed by the complete love of Jesus.

I pray that you life will be marked by the life altering, every present love of Jesus.

I pray that Holy Spirit will reveal to you any place where you believe you are unlovable.

I pray that his spirit will wash over those places and bring you to a place of complete acceptance of God’s bountiful love.

I pray that you will live out of the beautiful, powerful, all encompassing love of Jesus.


Sometimes it is just nice to hear the words I love you. Today use those three words generously. Speak of Jesus’ love over all those with whom you come in contact. Pray the love of Jesus over every person you see.

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