My teaching, my way and the world


He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” “No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.” “Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!” John 13:6-9


My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. You know a way that seems right. I know what is right. I know what is good. I only do that which is perfect. You question this at times. You do not understand why things are playing out as they are and you question my sovereignty. Trust is needed when you do not understand.

Everything I do has purpose. Everything I do has great intension. Everything I do is for your good. I know you do not understand this. I know that you think there are things you must earn or things you accomplish for me. This is not grace, this is not of me. Broken people have been your teachers and at times they have taught out of their own understanding and not out of the truth of my way or my character. I know this has hurt you. I know this has skewed the way you think of me and my way. Let go of these teachings and come again to me. Do not blame those who taught you out of their own misunderstanding. Do not allow anger and bitterness to rise up within you. Instead, come to me.

Come to me with your brokenness and your misunderstandings and your strivings and your work and place yourself under my complete care. Let go of the teachings that say you must become clean to come to me. Let go of the teachings that you are undeserving of lavish love and believe that I am holding out on you. Let go of the teachings that your behavior is crucial to receive from my generous and unconditional love. Let go of these and let my spirit be your teacher. I will never lead you astray. When human ways have hurt you, come to me, take hold of me and live out of me.

My beloved, trust me in this. Trust me when you do not understand. Trust me. I will complete my work in you.


I pray that you will trust Jesus when you do not understand his way.

I pray that you will let go of the teachings of man and cling to the word of truth spoken by Jesus.

I pray Holy Spirit that you will reveal every place where brokenness has come from misunderstanding and I pray that you would heal brokenness.

I pray that you would let go of bitterness, blame and resentment for human religion that has hurt you and that you would go to Jesus and find healing in him.


Today, ask Holy Spirit to show you where you have bitterness towards the church, mentors, or teachers that taught you out of their brokenness and misguided belief. Make a list and make a conscious choice to forgive each person or institution. Say it aloud. I forgive ____________ for _______________ and in the power of Jesus I let go of any bitterness that has taken root in me and I choose to love instead.

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