Walk in it


Jesus answered, “those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.” For he knew who was going to betray him, and that was why he said not every one was clean. John 13:10-11

I know that you are clean. I know that you have rooted yourself in me. I know that you find your hope in me. I know that you are with me and believe in me. I know that you believe in my son. I know that you believe I am at work. I know that you want your life to reflect my glory and I know that you desire to participate in my Kingdom.

I know too that at times your belief wavers. I know too that there are moments when you trust more in yourself and your own abilities than me. I know that you stumble and fall. I know this will always be while you are on this earth.
My saving work is once and for all. I have completed this work in you. You do not need to worry. You do not need to come for healing over and over again as if my work were incomplete or temperamental.

There are times where you loose sight of me, come to me in those times and ask to be reminded of my work in you.

Come to me when you’ve forgotten hope and ask me to wash away your despair.

Come back to me when you’ve walked away and allow my grace to wash over your wandering.

Come to me when you have ignored your healing and I will remind you that you are well. There is no shame to be found in relationship with me. There is only grace, love and restoration. I have made you clean, and well and free, walk in it.


I pray that you will believe that you are clean.

I pray that you believe the work of Jesus is complete in you.

I pray that you will know the truth of freedom in Jesus as you live.

I pray that Holy Spirit will reveal to you any place where you have wondered, forgotten or ignored and draw you back with his love.

I pray that you would live as one who is well and free and clean and that those who know you, will see your freedom and praise your Father in heaven!


Do you know one who follows Jesus yet continues to live in shame? Ask Jesus to give you scriptures and words for them. Write a card to them expressing the truth Jesus sees and give it to them! Pray that God free them from the shame that they walk in and believe for them that God will free them of shames bondage.

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