Place your hope in me


I am referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill this passage of Scripture: ‘He who shared my bread has turned against me.’ I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am. Very truly I tell you, whoever accepts anyone I send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me.” After he had said this, Jesus was troubled in spirit and testified, “Very truly I tell you, one of you is going to betray me.”  John 13:18-21


It is hard to know what to say when you come against those who turn against me. Your heart aches as the world and many who say they follow me turn against me to serve other gods. Some, even now, say they follow me, but they serve a god made in their own image.

I know this angers you. I know you grow so disheartened as you see those who say they follow, actually lead people in another way. Do not grow bitter towards me when those who say they represent me, turn.  Do not hold ongoing anger towards those who betray me in front of others.

Bitterness towards me and others will get you no where as it will only push me away.

Oh dear one, can’t you see? I am good, in me there resides no evil. In me there is love and tenderness and compassion. When you grow bitter towards me, because of man you only realize that at one time you served the wrong master. Men are not perfect. Men will fail. Women will betray and turn others against me. Your bitterness is an indication of where you placed your hope and where your expectations were not met.

Place your hope in me. Place your hope in my character. I will never fail you. Men and women and institutions will fail you. Your friends will fail you. You will feel betrayed. You will see others betray me. Do not loose heart! I have not, nor will I fail you. Run to me, come back to me, ask me to forgive your misplaced blame and bitterness and return to your first love.


I pray that you will run to Jesus.

I pray that you will confess where you have been let down by man and have blamed God.

I pray that Holy Spirit will show you any places of bitterness within you and cleanse you of all bitterness towards God and others.

I pray that you will know the powerful character of God and place your hope in Him.

I pray that your belief in God will continue to increase as you follow after His heart.

I pray that others will see your love for the Lord and desire to know him.


Is there a person in your life who let you down or betrayed you in some way? Come to Jesus with that person, group or institution and ask me to help you forgive them. If you are able, seek reconciliation with them.

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