Galaxies, flowers, blood and belief


11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. John 14:11

The earth declares my handiwork. The sun rises and falls scattering color across the canvas of the sky. Water flows, tumbling, dancing, moving, and creating roadways for life below its surface. The rain falls by my command, feeding the earth and renewing that which is dry. I direct each movement. I designed every part. I know it intimately and every element from the smallest flower to vast galaxies, perform their role giving glory to me with each moment.

The works of my hands are evidenced in my creation.

You too experience the works of my hands as you breathe and air fills your lungs. The very fact that blood flows through you, carrying nutrients to every part of  your body is evidence of my work. When your needs are met and your body heals, my work is seen. My works are there to reveal me.

I have created the earth to prompt and increase belief .

Look to the works of my hands and believe.

Do the hard work of belief. Work it out in every part of your life. Turn to my son, your belief in him, is belief in me. Your belief matters and that, my child, is why the entire earth functions with precise beauty, drawing every person, every where to believe in me. Believe my dear child. It truly is your greatest work.


I pray today that you will see the glory of God revealed in creation.

I pray that you will be awe struck by your own ability to breathe.

I pray that Holy Spirit will awaken you to your surroundings and circumstances in such a way that you see God and praise Him.

I pray that your belief will increase.

I pray that you will know Jesus intimately.

I pray that you will be a constant conduit of the work of God in the world.


Go on a walk with a friend and simply point out the beauty surrounding you.


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