Trust, obedience and love

trust115 “If you love me, keep my commands” John 14:15

Beloved, I am not a cruel god who wishes for you to follow a set of rules to show off my power. I do not need your obedience to justify myself. I do not need your obedience to prove that I am god. Your obedience is not for me, it is for you.

When you are obedient you reveal your trust in me as the Creator of life. Your obedience is the face of your trust. It is the evidence that you believe I created life and I know how it is best experienced. Trust and obedience are intimately tied. You can not have one without the other.

If you obey but do not trust, you will not know freedom. You will live in a bondage that leads toward legalistic practices.

If you say you trust me, but do not obey, you are fooling yourself. Trust evidences itself in behavior.

My beloved, trust and obey. Trust that my love for you is deep. Trust that I am good and right and perfect and desire for you what is good and right and perfect. Trust that I know the workings of life intimately. Trust that I am for you. Trust that I desire your freedom.

Trust in me and live. Let your life shine before all people allowing your obedience to speak of my ways and my kingdom. Let you life declare your trust in my character. Let your life reveal your love for me, which in turn displays my complete love for you.

Oh I long for you to know and walk with me in obedience. It is a joy to see my children choose to trust me with their lives. I delight in your trust. I am thankful for your obedience. I rejoice in your freedom.


I pray that you would know intimately the love of Jesus for you.

I pray that your trust would deepen in His character and love for you.

I pray that you would follow Jesus with your life.

I pray that your life would display the love God has for his children.


Do you know the good you are to do? Is there an idea that keeps popping into your mind? Is there a step you feel motivated to take? Have you been putting off some good thing for a lesser thing? If so, confess your hesitation and jump in! Obey the prompting of your heart and do the good you were told!

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