As I have loved you


“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. John 15:9

Love is a concept that is foreign and longed for by most in this world. It is what you were created by. Love is what you were created for. Love is the most beautiful and powerful ideal and action any person can live into or experience. Love is not the same as enjoyment, though you often use it as such. Love instead is a deep reality of complete acceptance. It breathes life. Love gives hope. Love speaks truth with gentleness and respect. Love sits with. Love waits for. Love is gracious and kind. Love is generous. Love is simple. And, love is incredibly profound.

Love is not a feeling, though you can feel it. Love is not an emotion, though it evokes emotion. Love is not based on opinion, but complete acceptance. Love is truth. Love is expressed in joy. Love is a gift. Love is always a gift. Love, when given, is about the one to whom it is give. Love is does not demand love in return. Love invites to love. Love sets free. Love binds up broken pieces. Love makes beautiful things from ashes. Love comforts those who mourn. Love proclaims good. Love doesn’t see social standing. Love releases prisoners from darkness. Love invites you to life. Love is complete.

Love can be experienced. Love can be given. Love can be received. Love can be denied. But love, the kind of love I give, will never fail. Soak in my love. Sit back into my love and let it overwhelm you. Let my love seep into your lungs and fill you with life and light. Let my love be your source. Let my love be your hope. Let my love be your everlasting joy.

Remain in my love. Remain in me.


I pray that you will know the deep love of Jesus.

I pray that you will remain in the Love of Jesus.

I pray that this love will give you freedom as you know you are accepted.

I pray that this love will catapult you into a life of loving others.

I pray that love, the kind of love that has action attached to it, that is lived by Jesus, will be the love you give those around you.


Pray for your neighbors by name. Ask Jesus to show you a way that you can practically love them. Perhaps you can serve them in some way. Maybe it’s cooking for them or simply meeting them. Maybe the beginning of showing love is simply knowing your neighbors’ names. Love with action, generosity and selflessness.

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