Fear and Gratitude

todayiamthankfulFear and Gratitude are both choices. I’m back in Denver, sitting at a favorite coffee shop, when I’m supposed to be in California. My car broke down and had to be sold for parts about 8 hours from Denver and about 8 hours from LA. Right in the middle. When I realized that my car was not fixable I had a choice to make. I could fear or I could choose gratitude. I have chosen the later.

The thing is. God is good. He is good in all things. He is big. He is bigger than we could ask or imagine. He is perfect. He is faithful. Years ago I chose to believe these were facts, not mere ideas, and today I get to choose once again.

I believe with everything in me that God is bigger than bank statements. He is bigger than cars. He is bigger than health issues. He is bigger than heart ache. He is bigger than lost jobs. He is bigger than unmet needs and desires. He is bigger than our deepest pain and our greatest joys.

When we are faced with the difficulties of this world, the immediate temptation is to fear and blame. At the same time, we are given an invitation to trust and believe. Will I put into practice that which I believe? Will I believe that God takes away only that which He intends to replace with better, with good.

God is good. In everything God is good. God is not comfortable. God does not give us everything in life we need to make us comfortable, he gives  us everything in life for our good. Therefore, I get to choose to say thank you to God for no car and no means to purchase one. It feels funny to say this, but its true. I am so thankful. I’m actually excited. I’m curious. I have more faith today than before I left for this trip. I do not have an ounce of worry in me and feel confident that the God I serve, who really likes to make himself famous, will make himself famous one more time in the impossible. For it is in human impossibility that God is known.

Think about it: It was through Joseph going to jail in a foreign land that God saved Israel. It was through a law declaring all Hebrew babies were to be killed that Moses made his way to the palace of the Egyptian Pharaoh, where he was groomed to save Israel. It was with 5 loaves that Jesus fed thousands. It was in getting out of a boat in the middle of a storm that Peter walked on water. It was in death that Jesus gave us life.

We serve a God who is not distant. He is good. He is the most perfect loving Father one could imagine. He is for us. He is for me.

So, it in moments where we’ve hit the wall of impossibility that God who is good, meets us and proves himself famous. The God of the impossible, the God who is perfect, the God created the plan, the God who made all, that God who owns all, the God who provides.

So yes, I could choose fear, but it simply isn’t a reality for me. I am thankful for the fact that I’m in the place of impossibility because it is my delight to see my God be made famous.

What has been your experience with the character of God and how He has cared for you?


3 thoughts on “Fear and Gratitude

  1. Cari Jenkins. I love you. I am learning similar lessons in different ways. “The Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, took bread, and after he GAVE THANKS, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.”
    He knew he was going to be betrayed and crucified and He gave thanks because HE KNOWS our Father’s plan is the best for us.

  2. My dear Cari: I have thought of you so often in the last 48 hours. I have prayed, moved you to the top of my prayer list. Honestly that top line has now overflowed to a few lines. For some reasons I am noticing the numbers of people in “challenging times” is creeping up, it seems. But we know our Lord Jesus is on the move, bringing people (His hands and feet) around those hurting, to be a loving support and encouragement in a variety of ways. I know I am to pray for you, as you have a strong relationship already with Jesus with great listening ears, and a heart totally sold out for our precious loving Lord! I cherish you and am learning from you, my dear. I will continue to hold you close in my heart and my prayers.

    Love your dailies!! They MEAN so much to me!! I love you dear friend, Lynn Dennehy cell: 703 338 5783 Ldennehy@intfriends.com ________________________________________

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