The God of the impossible is not a word in God’s vocabulary. It is a human word. It is the word to describe that which is beyond our capability of doing or bringing about, even with the help of others. When we come against the wall of impossibility it is ours to cry out to the God of the impossible for that is where he makes himself famous.

I believe that God is capable of accomplishing the impossible. Is it possible that God could heal the sick or bring back a child from the dead or provide financial miracles for those in need? Yes, that has always been my cognitive answer. Of course God is capable of those things. I believed that it was possible but I functioned quite like an atheist when it came to provision. I worked and earned a paycheck. I was completely dependent on myself. I didn’t ask God to provide through a job, no, instead I’d work and expect provision as though it were a right and the provision went unnoticed, by me or anyone else for that matter. Most of us do not operate under the reality that God is provider in all things.

Today I was reading a book about prayer. In it the author brought up the fact that our prayers are evidence of how big our view of God is, if our prayers are small, our view of God is small. If our prayers hold the impossible, our view of God holds the truth that nothing is impossible to him. I thought I was very comfortable with this idea, but even in saying this right now, I am reminded of how uncomfortable the reality of that statement is to live in. Can I pray for impossible things and not doubt? Can I ask God and know that I am heard by a loving Father who wants to make himself famous through our lives?

I thought about my current situation and wrestled with what to ask for from God? I was challenged to think about where I was playing it safe and where I was trying to control outcomes. Then I thought about the fact that I want my life, in all ways to make God famous. I want, even my car, to make His name greater. So I began to pray for a long list of things and people and circumstances. I prayed with specificity and boldness, knowing that to God, these requests are like asking a farmer for one spec of dirt.

I felt confident as I prayed. I felt this sense of knowing God is capable and Big and in control. I left my time in prayer with a few promptings and some ideas how I was to obediently respond to Jesus. And within a few hours I started excusing away my bold and firm belief. Doubt crept in and I began to reason. Oh REASON… the killer of faith. The killer of belief. Faith and belief are not reasonable. Faith and belief are a matters of the spirit. So I’ve wrestled with reason and belief throughout the remainder of my day. Reason tells me, God won’t and can’t and belief says He can and the question is whether he wills.

Yes, God can and does continually do the impossible in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We must believe. It matters, our belief really matters. It is in the place of impossibility where God makes his name famous and where we are reminded that in all things God is provider.

Where have you experienced the God of the impossible?

3 thoughts on “The God of the impossible

  1. Cari, I attend CPC and Jill Corti put me onto your posts. I forward them to others. I wait everyday for your words. They soothe my soul. God Bless you greatly!!! Blessings, Ann Sholer

    Sent from my iPhone so forgive any errors!

  2. Oh Cari, such deep profound thoughts- believe for the impossible, pray big, step out in faith! I love that. You are truly a blessing to us all. love, Lynn Dennehy cell: 703 338 5783 ________________________________________

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