Isolation, perspective, mission and the human story

human storySome days I am keenly aware of the fact that I do not exist in isolation. Today I am writing as I sit in a coffee shop. Life is bustling all around me. Conversations of heart ache. Men dreaming of ways to better the world. People are studying. Others are working. The sound of the espresso machine fills the space of the air as it’s mixed with laughter, conversations, excitement, fear, and tears. The world is alive.

I think we too often exist as though the world around us is dead or inanimate. We live our lives in busy isolation. The people who serve us are conduits for goods and services, not people with souls. The drivers next to us are inconveniences, not people with stories and lives that may be effected by tragedy or joy. The strangers talking near by are annoyances who’s talking distracts from what is to be accomplished, not stories being written into the fabric of the grand story of the world. Neighbors are place card holders, not friends waiting to be made. Co-workers are the sum of their work, not people with passion and dreams and hopes.

When I ignore those around me and those with whom I come in contact I am missing a great gift. I am missing the gift of living, breathing, people who bare the image of God.

As I sit, I’m in the midst of story unfolding, lives being lived and I am so thankful to share the planet with each of them. I am encouraged by the fact that I get to breathe in the same air as men and women who want to change the world. I ache with the hurting. I rejoice with new life and dreams fulfilled.

I desire to live awake.

To live with my heart in tune with those around me. To live, not in isolation, but with eyes open to the fact that every person with whom I interact is connected to me in some way as we each play a role in the unfolding story of earth. I pray we all live with our hearts and minds and souls open to those around us and look for how our lives touch and interweave. May we see people and stories with every human interaction.

Our perspective of others and life itself will change if we realize each human life is actually a part of ours.

Where will you practice living awake to the humanity of others in your daily routine? Let us know, let’s look together!

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