Tasteless Chocolate: how to know if your choices are leading you no where

ENTG TRUFFLES AKIn life I have the propensity to choose the same thing over and over, mostly out of habit, sometimes out of stubbornness and other times because there is this tiny hope that maybe this time it would be different. The other night a friend gave me three chocolate truffles. They were from a local chocolatier that has an amazing reputation. I have a thing for chocolate, as most do. However I also had a sinus infection. The infection had hit me so hard that I had completely lost my sense of taste and smell. I saw the truffles displayed before me and knew I wanted to experience their texture and flavor! I took a bite of the truffle and nothing. I tasted nothing. I took another bite hoping it was just the first bite, and again, nothing. I ended up eating all three truffles with the hope that the next bite would fulfill me. In the end I only experienced disappointment. I had something that looked fulfilling, but I was unable to experience it as such.

I think in life we do this on a regular basis. We see something and believe it will meet a need or fulfill something in us. The thing fails to meet our expectations, but we continue to go back to it, like me with the chocolates, we return to the same thing again and again with the same dissatisfied result. Isn’t that the popular definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over with expectation that the result will change?


So today, I wonder what you used to seek to fulfill desires, longings or needs of your own? Do you find yourself fulfilled? Or do you find yourself tasting, tasteless chocolate?

If so, take a new route, try something different, wait until the right time, ask for help, seek wisdom and trust that there is a way out. It may not be the way you think best, but it may just be the best way.


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