How do we respond to bombings, shootings, and terror


I am writing this as I am listening to news pouring in about a shooting at MIT in Boston. This week has been devastating in so many ways. The world’s brokenness is on display in every direction. There is fear oozing through the social media outlets. There is darkness hovering over cities. People are afraid. We want answers. We want solutions. We want a world that does not know this kind of violence.

My heart aches and my pulse is racing as I write. How dark will our days become?  How long must we hold to the promise of light?

In our weakness we must turn from our wicked ways and hold tight to the glimmers of  light we know.

In our fear we must let go of our need to control and hold tight to hope.

In our darkness we must never let go of the fact that in Jesus, we have light and we are light.

We must not hide in fear! NO! We must step out in faith. Be the light the world is longing for.

Be the person of peace that you desire for the world.

Be kind, to everyone, all of the time.

Practice extraordinary hospitality.

Love with sincerity, every person you meet.

Offer hope in Jesus.

Relentlessly live in the fullness of the Gospel.

Stand firm.

Hold to Jesus and tell his story.

Do not let envy rule you. No! Instead rejoice with those who rejoice!

Do not boast about all you’ve done, who you know, and what you own! Instead celebrate others continuously.

Do not approach your day with rudeness. Instead offer generosity, kindness, graciousness and gentleness.

Forgive easily. Work to forgive. Be a person of reconciliation.

Trust people. Trust and do not assume folly.

Hope! Hope in Jesus. Hope for good.  Cling to the good that you can know in Jesus.

Protect others. Protect them from gossip. Protect them from cruelty. Protect them from violence. Protect them from evil!

Persevere. Walk through the days ahead with hope, faith and love. Trust that God is good! His character does not change when the world lives into its evil ways. The evil that is lurking about is evidence of our deep need for a Savior. A need for good. A need for hope. Jesus is our hope!

Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good.

Tonight I am clinging to Jesus.

Tonight my desire to be a light is increasing.

Tonight my desire for those who pursue Jesus to live lives of lavish love is felt to my every bone!

It is not a time to draw back in fear. It is a time to go out and love! Cling to what is good!

So, as you go about your day and listen to the news, motivate your self to write that card you’ve been meaning to write. Make the call you need to make. Forgive the person against whom you’ve been holding a grudge. Get to know someone you once considered an enemy. Mourn with those who mourn. Pay for someone else’s coffee. Give a present to a stranger. Go out and serve, give of your self, your home and your resources! Love everyone as though it’s your last hour and last opportunity to love with word and action.

One thought on “How do we respond to bombings, shootings, and terror

  1. Cari: If you do not mind. I printed this out. I intend to use it in an up and coming Blind Outreach Gathering at my church later on this month. Also, please check my photo-blog, as there might be some images that you might well want to use.

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