God is King and God is good

In the Beginning God.

Four words.

Four words that communicate a mystery, that set a stage and inviting one into understanding.

When reading a great work of literature, the introduction of a new character sets a great stage. When a character is introduced it is the job of the reader to seek to know who the character is and what he is like. These four words set the stage for the greatest story ever told. The outcome of our understanding of this character has a direct effect on our lives. Much more than we often think.

In the beginning…. GOD. God was there, at the very beginning. He was there before all things. God was, before the beginning.

We don’t have time in this particular blog to unpack all of who God is and what He is like, nor do we, in our human understanding have the capacity to do so. God is beyond human understanding. But, if one were to title God and give him one character quality, I think God would be King and God would be good.

God is King and God is good.

These are important to remember. These are important to believe.

Understanding that God is King, speaks to His royalty, majesty and his authority. He is above all things. He is all powerful. He is sovereign. He is holy. He is KING!

When God is King, I am not. There is only one King! And the character of this King is crucial.

As I’ve sought to know my king, that is God, I have come to know his character more intimately. It is astounding to me that God loves me. It is amazing that He created such an intricate, complex and beautiful world. It astonishes me that God, gives me good every single day.

God is good. I live in that good, you live in that good… every day. We simply must look for it. It is something for which we must discipline ourselves to see. God is good. What good have you experienced in your day? What good have you known this week? When you remember good, you remember a taste of the character of God, for God is good.

In the beginning … God. A mystery, a setting, an introduction to a powerful and life altering story. A story, that has ramifications on our very hearts and lives.

What have you come to know of God? Who is he? What is he like?  How do you get to know him?

One thought on “God is King and God is good

  1. This is just a set of affirmations without even an attempt at reasoning. Read the OT and see if you still agree with the statement that “God is good.” If it were true (fortunately it is not), God was responsible for drowning millions of people and animals, killing the Amelekites, the Canaanites, “witches”, gays, the Egyptian firstborn, the Midianite children, and people who worked on Saturday. There is more, but I can’t see why this shouldn’t be reason enough to become an atheist.

    Richard, Thank you for your reply. Your honesty is appreciated and I’m honored you would comment. I hope your day is filled with good and life and that you would be encouraged in your work, character and being.

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