God who is good, created…. humankind


God who is good. God who is King. Created.

It’s an amazing thought. It is a beautiful thought. The idea that all things created were done so by the One who, in His very nature, defines good. And each part of creation, when it was finished, was too proclaimed good.

That is, with one exception.

This God who is good and this God who is King, who created all and it was good, wanted to create a final masterpiece. God wanted to create something that bore his image, the image of a good God. The image of a beautiful God. The image of a King!

And so, God, being God, took dust from the earth and formed it. He blew the breath of life into the being and brought this creature to life. This creature, the only created thing bearing the image of a good God, came alive. His name was man. God knew it was not good for man to be alone and so he created another being, bearing his image. This being came alive and she was called woman.

And God said, “It is very good!”

The beginning of the human story is remarkably beautiful. God created man and woman, giving them as gifts to one another. They were the only beings in all of creation that bore his image. They were unique in their creation, from one another, as well as from the rest of all that was made. They were set apart. God created humankind, male and female he created them! Different in form and personality, both bearing the unmistakeable image of a God who is good!

We forget the beginning to our story. So often in religious traditions, people skim over the beginning. The skill, thought, time and life used to form humankind go virtually unnoticed as we rush to the tragic events in the pages to come.

For today, revel in the beginning. When you and I were created, God saw us and said, “this is very good!” The unique qualities of a man and the unique qualities of a woman, together display the image of the Almighty Creator God, who is good and who is King!

Soak in this reality. What comes to mind as you think about this truth? Have you forgotten your beginning?

Take some time to reflect on what it means to have been made and your description was this: The very peak of creation, who is very good, who solely bares the image of a good God.

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