My arrival

(For a few months I am going to intersperse my experiences in Spain with my thoughts on life and such. Enjoy!)

photoSpain greeted me in the dark as I landed late Tuesday night. There was much to experience and to see, but it was blanketed with darkness as though to unveil the good one surprise at a time.

Once I got my bags, customs was really no big deal at all, a sweet man smiled at me and passed me through without even stamping my passport (which of course is a little disappointing to have come to Spain and not been stamped to prove the fact). Once through the doors of the terminal, nothing seemed too new. Aside from the signs being in spanish, the familiar was everywhere. I think airports have the same smell around the world. This one was no different. Weary travelers, with blank faces exchanged glances with me as I walked around to waste time until my bus left 2 hours later.

Finally my bus arrived. I sat in the front row, so I could see as much as I could, which was not much at this point. About 15 minutes into the bus ride I looked up and saw the most beautiful moon. It was red and orange and big and round. So incredibly breathtaking. Because I did not want to experience this beauty alone, I struck up a conversation with the couple sitting across the isle from me. They were incredibly nice. Being from Ireland, we talked about my upcoming trip there and then we talked about my friend’s the Donahue’s and they were very excited, as she was a Donahue before she got married to an O’Conner. We then talked about how the O was dropped from some Irish names while others kept it. Apparently the story goes, that if a person took help from the British many many years ago, when food was scarce in Ireland, the O was removed as a sign that the person had been tainted by the British. Those who kept their O’s claim to be the purest form of Irish possible.

We chatted until it was time for them to get off the bus. (I look forward to being Ireland after meeting them. Such kind and friendly people)

I got off the bus and waited for my ride. Of course the bus station was rather large and my friend and I were in two different places waiting for another. After waiting for a half-hour or so, I had made up in my mind where I was going to sleep for the night if my ride didn’t show. I walked around the nearly vacant complex and saw the back of my friend, secretly I screamed with delight, going to my temporary home in Altea was going to be much more comfortable than the yellow bench I’d scouted out.

Though I was excited to see Ariana, I was tired and wanted to sleep. She was full of questions and excitement that she’d ask a question and then interrupt me as I answered to point out a building or share a fact. You know when people get share something they love it’s as though they are a jack-in-a-box, about to burst at the sight of anything remotely memorable to them. This was Ariana, the entire ride to Altea. I decided I wouldn’t answer any more questions and simply listen as she hopped from fact to story to fact as a leap frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad. I smiled as I listened.

We arrived at our house. It was a small three bedroom home, that was not too spectacular. Quite what I had expected actually. That is, until I walked in the living room and there before me was a terrace, overlooking the deepest blue water that was being kissed by the moonlight. I gasped as my eyes tried to fully take in the beauty.

This was my home, right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


2 thoughts on “My arrival

  1. Welcome to your new home! May your
    Time be special! I have no doubts if that!

    I guess my Irish heritage was in cahoots with those Brits as my maiden name is Barry here in the USA as well
    As my cousins in Ireland!

    Be safe. God bless you and hold you close!!!

    Lynn Dennehy
    Ladera Ranch, CA
    Cell: 703-338-5783

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