1044513_10152978000310004_776119210_nIt’s nearing 2am. I am feeling somewhat tired, but my mind is running. Today has been a full day. The left my last conversation about 15 minutes ago and have been with students since 9 this morning. The day was full of honesty, depth, pain, redemption and hope as I listened to several stories. Human life is full of so much variance.

I’ve had several conversations about humanity and how being human is beautiful thing. Being human is a powerful thing. We were created by Creator God, to be human and he said it was very good. Often, in religious circles, humanity is looked at as a negative. But, being human is actually the most honest thing we can be. Being human is living into the uniqueness created in us and God says it is very good.

Being here in Spain I’ve experienced a lot of humanity. Last night I went to a salsa club and watched as people danced and moved their bodies as if the music were a part of them. I observed families walking around, some were tired, others were loving, some were strained and others seemed peaceful. On our walk home, we encountered the staff of the pizza shop just below La Terraza, the home by the beach. They were laughing and carrying one and we talked and laughed with them for quite some time.

Today I encountered humanity as ideas were shared, strengths were realized, gifts were used, stories were told and hearts were exposed. I will never know a greater honor than to be invited to listen to another’s story.

I long to know Spanish so I can hear the stories of those here. I pray for swift learning and diligence in the learning.

Tonight I’ll fall asleep to peaceful heart. A heart that is full of the beauty captured in 24 hours of observing humanity… and it’s been good.


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