My surroundings, my teacher

photo copy 2Last night the moon was full and it rose above the sea casting a ray of light which danced atop the water. The moonlight was so captivating that one of the young women here and I chose to forgo our plans to go swim in the moonlit sea. It was a perfect decision.

We hurried our way to the water’s edge and stepped in. Soon we were enveloped by the deep blue and seemed to be positioned perfectly in the spotlight of the moon.

We stayed in the water for well over an hour as we talked, processing the experience and what we’ve learned about ourselves in our time here. God continued to use the moon as a metaphor throughout the evening.

The moon is light in the dark.

The moon is a reflection of the sun.

The moon changes it’s shape.

The moon at times is brighter than others, but at every moment the moon is lit, it is lit by the sun.

The moon casts light.

The moon is a conduit of light.

On and on we talked as our surroundings became our teacher.

I think our surroundings are often our teacher. It is a discipline to look for the lessons they have to give.

As I’ve been in Spain I’ve been taught by:

The rhythm of the sea, in continuous unified motion.

The afternoon and evening breeze as it cools, refreshes and brings peace.

The moon.

The slowness of the culture.

The small community and it’s natural relational way.

The communication between strangers who can’t speak the same language.

Hanging the laundry and watching it slowly dry.

Living in community and watching as our every day living becomes an invitation to relationship with Jesus.

Life is full of lessons. Our surroundings are often our teacher. Look for the Lord. Look for his word being put into practice!

He speaks and it is good.


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