A day in the life

DSC01052The days are long here. Most days I feel as though I’ve lived two days in one. Today I woke up to a sore body from yesterday’s workout. Morning greeted me with sweltering heat. It was so hot that sweat was as common as oxygen.

The girls and I went to the outdoor market which is open every Tuesday. Every time I’ve gone I’ve thought to myself that I’d find something wonderful, but every time I’m greeted with fake leather purses, clothes from other countries and these tiny yippie dogs, which come in pink and blue and green. I swear at every turn there is another yippie dog seeking to get my attention, simply begging me to pick him out and take him home with me. I am more than confident, that will never happen.

We wandered around the market for a couple of hours as the girls looked for keepsakes and gifts for their friends. I found a pair of shoes suitable for dancing and also life back home, so I picked them up for a whopping 5 euro. I was quite pleased with my purchase, but I must tell you, as soon as it was made I was quite ready to make my way back home.

The sun beat down as though it were so angry with us and had every intention of beating us! The three of us met up and decided we should make our way back home. So, we sauntered the 1/2 mile back home in the heat of the day. By the time we got home, the three of us were so sweaty that it was as though we’d been in the sea. Gross!

We made a quick lunch and made our way to the sea. I love the sea. She greets me every day with an invitation to cool off, refresh and move. She has become a sort of friend. Her blue changes with the mood of the sky and the wind and I find myself wondering what mood she’s in each day and am excited to spend as much time with her as possible.

Today, the girls and I laid on the beach until the heat was too much, I of course did not last long at all! I was most definitely the first one to join my friend the sea for some play time. I swam a few hundred yards and eventually the others joined. The sea was cool, refreshing and was a bit rough on this particular day. We swam to where we could tread water and chat at the same time. The four of us felt free as we swam. It was as though no one was in the water with us. Our bodies moved with the rhythm of the water and our legs moved keeping our heads above the water.

Then, out of no where, one of the girls yelled, “JELLY FISH!” and the four of us swam as fast as we could to the shore! We hopped, well no one really hops out of the water, we more or less tiptoed our way out of the water, (I’m telling you the rocks are not exactly my idea of a good time. If I could redesign the sea shore I would definitely replace the rock with sand) and laid on our towels, where we rested the remainder of the day.

I find that I have moments of such complete abundance that I find it difficult to believe that my life is real. The most simple things fill me with a contentment and joy that is truly indescribable. Today, waking up on the beach after a long swim was one of those moments.

We walked the paseo home where we were greeted by our friends at Hot Home Pizza (If you’re ever in Altea, you must go to Hot Home Pizza! Seriously the best place to eat in town and the people amaze me with their friendship, kindness and generosity!) We invited them over for dinner on Sunday. We are going to fix a typical American meal for them. I’m excited. I believe I’m baking a pie. (Any other ideas of typical American food would be much appreciated!)

We walked in the house, greeted by a waft of hot, humid air. Each of us took cold showers and then one of the girls and I went out for a drink and to do some coaching. It was so good to sit with her as she discovered things about herself and made a list of goals for the fall. I then asked her if she would talk to me in Spanish for a bit and we ended up talking for a good while all in spanish. I’m learning… it’s slow for sure, but I’m doing much better than I thought. Though my sentence structure is terrible in every way!

Tonight we had a few friends over for dinner, we talked and laughed for hours and hours. I love the lingering conversations and simple meals. We planned future events with our friends here as the girls’ time here is winding down. Friday evening we are going salsa dancing again, Saturday we are watching fireworks (there is a famous firework display here on Saturday. Apparently the show lasts for 45 minutes! There are posters everywhere about it.) Then Sunday we will have our friends over for lunch and also a salsa lesson. Gracie leaves Sunday night and Claire leaves on Tuesday. The time is slipping away!

Life is full and simple here. I don’t try to figure out how to make a bigger difference. I don’t seek to be a part of big things. I don’t strive and try to do great things, I simply love the people I’m with and seek to make friends and love well. I don’t hurry. I don’t have any anxiety. I don’t fill my time wondering if I’m doing enough significant things. I simply know each person in front of me is significant and that they are the significant to which I am called. It’s humbling and revealing really.

I strive so much back in the States. I seek to become something. Here I simply am okay with being. I’m remarkably thankful.

The most simple seems to be the most profound and today, I’m reveling in the simplicity.

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