Racism, Anger, Heartache, Peacemaking and Boy Meets World

UnknownToday I was doing a little good-bye baking as I prepare to leave Altea. I found a TV show on Youtube to watch to pass the time. The show, “Boy Meets World” Season 1 Episode 8. This show aired in 1993. I know, I do have great taste in TV. But as I watched I found myself actually brought in by it’s content. The show was about prejudice and racism and by the end of the show I was teary and angry. I actually yelled, “I’m so sick of this!” Tears actually are still making their way down my cheeks and anger still flares within me.

This show was filmed in 1993, I scrolled through TV shows aired in 1983 and as shows filled my screen I looked at titles such as “The Jeffersons,” “Ma Ma’s Family,” and “MASH” I knew that in these shows episodes aired dealing with the same topic. So I searched again. I looked at shows from 1973, “All in the Family” and “Sanford and Sons” caught my attention, knowing they too held episodes with similar messages. As I searched back I quickly realized I was going the wrong direction, I should be looking years ahead. So I looked at 2003, no good, I too found shows that I knew held episodes with the same message. And let’s be honest it is 2013 and there is much about racism bombarding the news and our TVs and I’m sick and tired of it! I have been alive a short 38 almost 39 years and every year of my life there has been TV produced dealing with the issues of prejudice and racism and today, I found my self angry at the thought!

So angry I yelled at the computer and I cried. Because “Boy Meets World” was so well written and moving? No. Because there was a show dealing with racism. Not exactly.

I was angry, I am angry, that there was a show filmed 20 years ago dealing with racism and we still have to have shows dealing with the same topic today. Not because I’d like to sweep the issue under the rug, but because it is an issue at all.

Today I read about Syria and the tragic tensions and death tolls rising in the past days. I read about countries threatening other countries if they sought to do anything about Syria. There are incredible tensions between Israel and Palestine that seems endless and so complex that hope for resolve often seems slim. I read posts every day on Facebook dealing with felt discrimination. Every day.

This past summer the US was divided as a young boy was killed and the police officer who shot him was set free. Anger, blame, name calling and assumptions on every side were enflamed as people chose sides and stood their ground.  There is more tension in the world today than at any other time I can remember (and I lived through the Cold War).

Haven’t we had enough! Hasn’t there been enough.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if in 2023 not one show would have to be produced about racism, because racism no longer existed?

Yes, this may be a bit idealistic, but I am an idealist in matters of love and dignity.

[My heart is still pounding]

Love and dignity. I think we all could use a little more of these in our lives. I sure know the world needs them.

Imagine a world where we see each other as human and treat every person, every where as such, no matter economic class, color, religion or belief. (And God made man in his own image. Male and Female he created them. Genesis 1:27)

Imagine a world where those who acted differently, believed differently, lived differently were met with the same kindness and respect as those who held the same view point. (Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  (Matthew 5:44)

Imagine a world where people didn’t look out for their own interests, but they looked out for the interest of others. And, even putting others interests above one’s own.  (Philippians 2:4)

Imagine a world where every person had equal standing. (Galatians 3:28)

Imagine a world where people didn’t simply think about the good they were to do, but they actually did it! (James 4:17)

Imagine a world where love was the driving force behind every good deed. (1 Corinthians 13)

Imagine a world where people chose forgiveness instead of blame and bitterness. (Ephesians 4:32)

Imagine a world where peace was something that was pursued at all times. (Romans 12:17-19)

Imagine a world where people sought to bless others instead of curse them. (Romans 12:14)

Imagine a world where people rejoiced with those who were rejoicing, instead of grow jealous for their good fortune. (Romans 12:15)

Imagine a world where if one is mourning, others mourn with them. (Romans 12:15)

Imagine a world where each person welcomed others into their homes and lived to be a person of invitation and welcome. (Romans 12:12)

Imagine a world where that which is pure and noble and right were at the forefront of all of our minds and were the words of our mouths. (Philippians 4:8)

Imagine a world where nothing was ever done out of selfish ambition. (Philippians 2:3)

Imagine a world where people clung to what was good. (Romans 12:9)

Imagine a world where people put these words into practice and were not simply hearers of them. (James 1:22)

Imagine a world where people did not judge each other, but instead held themselves accountable to good. (Matthew 7: 1-5)



Imagine a world where instead of criminalizing a 20 year old who is figuring herself out, and has a public stage to do it, people came alongside of her, loved her, was kind to her and received her just as she is.

Imagine a world where instead of criminalizing governments for not caring for the poor as they should, people, you and I started caring for the poor.

Imagine a world where instead of blame and entitlements, people sought to live good lives, caring and loving others well, without strings attached.

Imagine a world where pictures of heros like Antoinette Tuff or Malala Yousafzai were on the covers of magazines rather than those who bomb and kill.

Imagine a world where we saw one another as human, made up of organs, made up of cells, held together by ligaments, woven together with a soul and created in the image of a good God.

Imagine a world where racism wasn’t an issue written into TV shows, because racism didn’t exist!

Yes, I can imagine it.

But I will not stop there. For imagining alone will get me nowhere. I intend to, as far be it up to me, to live in such a manner. To live a life worthy of the good news I believe. To live a life that follows in the way of Jesus.

Today, go, love, give dignity, respect and trust away as though you knew your actions were a large part of the solution. (Because they are) And maybe, if all of us, every last one of us, did so, in ten years there might not have to TV about racism any more.

One thought on “Racism, Anger, Heartache, Peacemaking and Boy Meets World

  1. My dear Cari: You are exhibiting “righteous anger” and a “call to love and Care!” Thank you for being so open and clear. It is very sad these days the garbage, absolutel filth on TV, leaving nothing to watch but animal safari shows/wilderness explorations and a couple of minutes of news before you want to fall into a fetal position to escape the desperate world we are living in, full of killing!!! My heart weeps knowing that Our Lord Jesus is overlooking all of this. How can we be so mean and hateful. It starts with me-to do my part to make a difference. I am on board with you! love, Lynn Dennehy cell: 703 338 5783 Ldennehy@intfriends.com ________________________________________

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