The first word of Advent

IMG_0458Hope: its the first word of Advent.

I don’t know about you, but somehow these dark days of December seem to ache for hope. This evening it was dark by 5. The sky was filling with stars and there were sill many hours left to the day.

I have felt a seemingly premature dark these past days. In moments, I have felt the heaviness of a life without hope. This absence of hope has left me aching. This aching points me to the first candle of Advent.

The light comes and lights the candle of hope.

This week, my prayer is that we will feel the absence of hope, so that we ache for the true and fulfilling hope of Christ.

O Come thou long expectant Savior! Bring your hope into the darkness and let it give strength to the brokenhearted, the forgotten, the lonely, those in the midst of struggle and those who have long forgotten your name.

May your hope grow as we move step by step closer to being greeted by your light.

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