The fulfillment of a wish and hope

IMG_7557I am a person of misplaced hope. Daily I hope for things to turn out a certain way. I hope for the fulfillment of desires. I hope for circumstances to change. I hope for other’s circumstances to change. I hope for felt comfort and experienced satisfaction.

I am often left wanting and disappointed.

When this happens how do I view God? Does He change because my hope was not met in the particular way I desired? Too often I tie the fulfillment of a wish or a desire to hope in God. I beg and plead with God for something, even something that most would consider good and the begging and pleading seemingly leads to nothing. “Lord, where are you? Why have you abandoned me?” is too often the response of my heart when this happens.

This is none the greater when praying for a loved one who is suffering from illness. We beg and plead and go before Jesus and believe that He can heal, and it feels as though He does nothing as the loved one continues to suffer or eventually their body gives way to death. “Lord, where are you?”

I have misplaced hope. I have placed hope not in the character of God or the promise of Jesus, but instead, I place hope in the fulfillment of a wish. When I tie the character and goodness of God to the fulfillment of a wish, I have misplaced my hope and will be disappointed and will question whether God is ultimately good. But, when I stand in all circumstances and firmly say, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. On Christ the Solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand,” I have placed my hope in truth that will not waiver or disappoint.

Hope is the deep internal knowing that all will be made right and hope can only truly and securely rest in Jesus, for He is the hope of the world.

I pray today that you will know hope. I pray that I will know hope. I pray that we will live out of a place of hope, knowing that Jesus, who is the way, truth and life, will be our way out, the truth to which we cling and the very essence of life within us, even though we experience death on earth. May Jesus be your hope and stay.

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