IMG_5611I walked upstairs and to my horror the bulbs that had grown into beautiful blooms had toppled over. Their beauty had seemingly given way to brokenness which, for that moment felt irredeemable. I texted my friend who had given them to me and he asked if they could be salvaged. I tended to them. I cut off stems, I leaned them against something stronger to hold them up right, I watered them and placed them near a window so they might receive light. Later in the day I revisited my blooms and noticed they could once again stand on their own.

I wrote my friend telling him that they were salvaged. *whew

I later wrote telling him I wanted to find the metaphor in it all. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: My crazy metaphor seeking mind has been like, “what does this mean??” Then I tell my brain to be quiet.

My friend: Ha ha yes I knew you would seek the metaphor in it!

Me: Perchance the blooms became prideful thinking they were all that… With their tall stems and beautiful flowers and their heads grew too big for theirs britches and they had to fall ???

I’ll keep working on it….

My Friend: Rohr (Richard Rohr) would say life is a constant cycle of destruction and renewal…the growing and vibrant object has reached its peak and is now entering its cycle of deterioration. Leaves falling

Me: Crap…. This plant and I have been identifying with each other…. This prophetic plant is revealing  that I’m going to experience death…  Today that makes me angry

(Some sassy banter)

Me: Good thing they sprang up again…

My Friend: Ah ha! Resilience is your metaphor!
Me: Resurrection, restoration, redemption, resilience!!!!

Thanks for giving me a better metaphor.

Before this conversation I was overwhelmed. (No, I was not overwhelmed because of my plant. I was overwhelmed by fear and sadness about various situations in life. Daily I experience various invitations to trust and on this day, those invitations were less than welcome.) I found myself questioning God. I found myself in a spiral of doubt. I was grabbing hold of lies being thrown at me and quickly became burdened by their weight.

I needed truth. I needed to be reminded of my identity as a Daughter of the Most High. I was looking for truth in this plant that has offered me so much insight as it’s grown. Working out the metaphor with my friend, led to a quick dose of truth.

When he spoke the words, “Ah ha! Resilience is your metaphor,”  it was as though an agreement was made deep with in me. I understood truth in the word.  I took hold of it and it drew me up out of the pit and aligned me with my identity as a child of God, an overcomer, one who can stand up against darkness, for the light of the world lives with in me.

The words with which I make agreement matter and they guide my beliefs about God, self and others.

I’m thankful that God gives us, that He gives me, what I need as I seek to live out my identity as a daughter of a good King.

Bulbs that teach, people who speak, strength on which to hold, truth to which I cling, light and water to grow and His constant presence as the author and perfecter of faith. What I place my faith in matters. Who I place my faith in is crucial. What words I use to guide me and the ideas and beliefs to which I cling lead to death or life, darkness or light.

I have continued to have peace as I’ve held to the metaphor of resilience and place my trust in the one who has already overcome the world.

Where do you need hope? Where is your invitation to trust? In what and whom are you placing your hope, trust and heart?

2 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. I got the same flower from Seth Kalkman’s mom. She said they are only pretty for a short period of time, then you wrap a rubber band around it and put it away until next year, when it will bloom again….it doesn’t actually die. 🙂

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