Day 2 of telling my truth: Meg Ryan

Youve_Got_Mail_151Today my truth is:

I love the movie You’ve Got Mail. I think it may be one of my favorite movies. I watched it this week, it took me three days to watch it as my schedule doesn’t allow for 2 hours of consecutive sitting, but I love that movie. Every time I watch it I want to live in New York in the fall or go to the neighborhood Farmer’s Market in the spring. I imagine the smells and sounds and feel of the city, and I fall in love with the idea of living there. (Though I know the real smells and sounds of NYC are more than likely less romanticized in real life.)

I think Meg Ryan plays a whimsical character. She is lively, confident, feminine, and completely herself. She comes alive in the story. She finds her voice and is able to live freely in it. I fancy myself a bit like Meg Ryan’s character, a bit quirky, emotional, feisty and somehow all of that is wrapped up in something others might just be able to find adorable.

The truth is, Meg’s character is complex and it is her complexity to which I feel I can relate. I sometimes think that my complexity is too much for the world to handle. Sometimes it feels too much for me to handle. Can someone can be funny, emotional, intelligent, quirky, opinionated, hospitable, playful, welcoming, spiritual, full of whimsy, grace and kindness all at the same time? I’d like to think so. If I were to cast someone to play the character of me in the movie of my life, I think I’d want that person to be described as such.

It feels funny to admit these things. I have a feeling 40 days of this will reveal more to me, than to anyone who reads this.

I hope what it does do, is wake up honesty with in you and that you too choose to engage the world without pretending.

What truth do you want to admit today?



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