Day 3 of telling my truth: Thoughts on music

483434-usb_cd_rock_mini_jukeboxToday my truth is:

I am not writing this on Saturday. I am writing this on Friday. Today I’m in the mountains on a retreat. Currently I’m in my bed, writing while the day is getting ahead of me.

A bit of silliness today. I have very bad internal juke box. Well, I should rephrase that, to those around me I have an awful internal juke box, but I confidently own it. Though at times I can be a bit of a foodie, I am in no way a music snob. I love some good bubblegum pop and broadway hits. I sing hymns, old Amy Grant and 80’s hit music continuously. I love the song “Get Lucky” Yes the words leave you wondering if the man who wrote them had a mother, but the beat gets going and I can’t help myself. I turn the music up loud and dance around in my car as if no one is watching.

I also love working out to Maroon 5, Adam Levine can sing to me any day of the week. Sometimes, I pretend I’m really cool and hipster and listen to the playlists of my musically sophisticated friends on Spotify, but then somehow, magically, I’ll end up listening to Katy Perry or old Amy Grant.

My musical tastes change with the seasons as well. In the summer I will listen to country and pop with the windows down. During winter I will listen to classical, choral (Okay, in all honesty, I don’t want to tell that part of my truth, but sometimes, I love a good choir singing classical music or old hymns. The truth is out) and of course Christmas music when appropriate. When Spring comes around I love to listen to pop, top 20s music and when fall, falls upon us indie, folk, jazz and like beckon me.

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a child and it has accompanied me through every season of my life.

At times I think I need to be more cool than I am when it comes to music. It’s funny the things we think will add or take away something of our likeability, but the truth is, I like my musical taste and I don’t really need anyone else to like it along with me. Although it’d be great if you also secretly dance to “Get Lucky” in your car. Please leave a comment telling me so. Maybe today that will be your truth to uncover.



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