Day 5 of truth telling: I’m in love

heart_of_sand-1824My truth today: I decided to write today’s post with few and simple words, to express even in form, a truth I’ve known since I was only able to express things in simple words.

My truth: I love Jesus.

That isn’t a simple phrase nor is it a nice sentiment. It is the deepest truth I know. I love him. I fell in love with Jesus when I was four years old and have never stopped.

My life has been molded and shaped by this reality in ways that I have no words to describe. When I was four all I understood was that he loved me and I loved him back. Since that time, my understanding of his love for me has deepened. It has been challenged. It has been questioned. And it shapes everything that I do, think and believe. His love for me, is the basis on which I am able to love him.

I love him, because he first loved me. He gave his life for me. He proved his love over and over and over again. He continues to prove his love for me. It is life altering. It has changed me.

With every ounce of my being, that I see and know, I love Jesus.

This love continues to grow as I grow and deepen and develop.

This love is powerful. It is whimsical. It is overwhelming, heartbreaking, breathtaking and renewing all at the same time.

I love Jesus so much that I want every person I meet, everywhere, to love him too.

I love Jesus.

I do.

My life is shaped by this fact, more so than any other and it has led me on journeys that often surprise me. Today, I’m thankful that this is my truth. May it be yours as well.

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