Day 6 of truth telling: Weddings

IMG_6135Today my truth is:

I am going to be in a wedding the end of the month. I’ve been in a lot of weddings. In fact, I’ve been in more weddings than almost anyone I know. (not to brag of course)

People often ask me if weddings are difficult for me. I must admit, with all honesty, weddings are never hard for me. I love sharing in this intimate day of celebration with people about whom I care deeply. Celebrating the making of a covenant is such an incredible gift. The entire process of preparation, from the details of the party, the ceremony and more importantly the relationship hold elements I enjoy.

There is something so powerful about two people standing before God and one another committing to remain, partner, walk alongside, and be in life with one another. This is beautiful. It is powerful. It is breathtaking. It is glorious.

I love going to weddings. I love being in weddings. I love helping people plan their weddings. I love all things wedding.

This my friends is my truth for today.

Don’t loose sight of the reason for celebrating with those you love. At any opportunity, celebrate the good!

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