Day 7 of Truth telling: beauty, space and Steam

photo-3Today my truth is:

I function better when I’m surrounded by beauty. Today I’m sitting in my new favorite spot in Denver, Steam. It is a little espresso shop on Pearl Street. This street holds a quaint feeling that reminds me of movies. In the summer a local farmer’s market closes down the street and people peruse the produce while wearing their patagonia gear, walk their dogs and talk about their latest outdoor adventure. In the fall, the trees that line the streets begin to loose their leaves, like confetti falling on the passers by. The crisp air kisses the faces of those walking in and out of one of a kind boutiques and people hold their coffee’s as hand warmers. The street itself invites inspiration. My mind creates scenes and I smile as I piece together stories of the characters who dawn the street. I love it here.

Steam is a beautiful corner of the world. It is small. The design is simple, understated, it settles me down as I breathe in and out. Windows from floor to ceiling dawn nearly every wall. The light pours in flooding the room with so much light that the only necessity for lighting is aesthetic. And, let me tell you, the light aesthetic is perfect. A simple blend of masculine and feminine, mixed metals and shapes. The walls are a mixture of brick, lightly stained wood in shades of grey and blue. The walls are a simple and muted background to the life and color brought in by those who find themselves around tables. There is always one pop of color and life against the neutral backdrop, a bunch of lilies placed on the long community table. This is where I sit today.

I absolutely delight in this little shop.

When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I had several places where I would go to fill inspired. On Saturdays I’d go to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. In the fall I loved going to 4th street in Berkeley. Chestnut street in San Francisco. Main street in Danville and down town Lafayette were places that also inspired me. Even now, as I type and remember I sit taller, smile and actually soak in the thought of the experience.

I think I am inspired by environments that hold aesthetic beauty, life and a complete sensory experience. Environments are important to me and they have a way of effecting my mood. When the environment inspires, I feel it and I too am inspired. When an environment is drab and colorless, I too fight feeling drab.

When I’m surrounded by beauty I connect with my Creator. I sense His presence. Environments such as these actually speak of life and beauty and such things are hints of God. I think, in some ways, this is why I function better when I’m in beautiful spaces. For it is in these places, where I easily see evidence of the beauty of God and feel inspired to co-create with Him.

What inspires you? What simple things cause you to function at a higher level? Where do you find God in a simple reality?

Today, look for this truth in your life and then visit a place that reminds you of your Creator.

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