Day 9 of telling the truth:

IMG_8224Today my truth is:

It is absolutely lovely outside and I am having a difficult time focusing on the writing before me. I ache for the spring time. I have been in winter for too long. Living again in a place where the seasons are pronounced has given me the opportunity to live in rhythm with nature.

I begin to long, as the earth, when the flowers begin to peak through the ground. There is an emerging, a breaking out that is so pronounced I see the hints of green and my soul actually rejoices. LIFE. I breathe out.

I am ready to walk in Life and Light in a new way.

It is good.

Today’s post is going to be short, because, in truth, I’m going to go enjoy the outdoors, instead of write about it.

What do the changes in the season awaken within you?

Take a moment to listen to this song today. It is what I’ve been listening to as I’ve been writing. I am thankful for the invitations found in the words. Just As I am by Andrew Peterson


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