Day 10 of truth telling: I simply don’t like… a list

DSC00201Today my truth is:

I do not like cats.

I do not like to eat Sushi.

I do not like the smell of roses.

I do not like to watch a lot of TV.

I do not like running. But I want to be a runner.

I do not like clams.

I do not like oysters.

I do not like to eat things that have the consistency of something that might come out of one’s nose.

Therefore, I do not like flan.

I do not prefer the desert. Though it has it’s moments.

I do not like monster trucks.

I do not like to watch most sports on TV, though I enjoy the social aspect.

I do not like yellow squash. I don’t know why… I just don’t.

I don’t like the smell of wet dog.

I do not like the feeling of being watched.

I do not like falling. In any form.

Therefore, I will not jump out of a plane at any point in my life on my own volition.

I do not like squid, octopus or seaweed.

I’m seeing a pattern.

I do not like gerber daisies. Though they are cute, they are not my favorite.

I do not like fog machines in worship services.

I do not like buying useful things.

I do not like the cold, except when it is aesthetically appropriate.

I do not like turquoise daisies or really any flower that has been dyed.

I do not like entitlement or constant complaining.

I do not like Mayonnaise.

These are things that I just don’t like. I wonder why that is? I find it interesting that some of us like somethings and others of us don’t. I wonder what that is all about? What are things people commonly like, that you just don’t?

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