Day 11 of truth telling: A walk in another world

IMG_8515Today my truth is:

I went for a walk with a friend today. He and I have been friends since he was in the 6th grade and I was a small group leader in the junior high ministry at his church. He is now in his 30s and, though our relationship looks very different from when he was in the 6th grade and I was a senior in high school, there is still much the same. He continues to ask questions. We continue to seek Jesus and talk about scents of the Kingdom in our every day.

I love to have conversations about Jesus. I love to talk about belief and how belief changes perspective and though we experience darkness, we can walk in light. I love to ask questions and talk through the glorious with others.

I believe that I was made for more than this. Today my conversation with my friend circled around this idea. I love that in my story the Lord has invited me into impossible stories. So often.

It is exhausting. I should say it is exhausting when I try to make sense of it and try to make things work on my own. It is not mine to live the life of the Kingdom apart from my King. No. I can not.

I can not live apart from my King.

I believe that I was made for another world. This may sound funny, it seems a little funny when I think about it through the lens of my humanity. But just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I too know that there is another story awaiting me, another land I’m to be a part of, another reality in which I live. It is grand and filled with color. There is evil to be fought and battles to be won and God, my King sits on the throne. He invites me to relationship with Him. A mysterious relationship. A wonderful relationship. It is this relationship that invites me to live in another world. A world where He is King and I believe He is capable of more than I can ask or imagine. He is perfectly and profoundly good and I… I belong to Him.

I need people with whom I can walk, who also understand they live in another reality. I need people who know my heart and who see Jesus constantly invite me to relationship and extend an invitation to be in the family. I need people who remind me that it is not mine to save the world, but to participate with my Father, the good King, in the work He’s already doing. I need people who, they too, like Dorothy, know there’s more.

Today I’m thankful for such  a friend.

One thought on “Day 11 of truth telling: A walk in another world

  1. Hey Cari:

    I also want to be that friend. Jesus is my whole life and sense the Kingdom walk starts on earth with our free will-choosing to be HIS!!

    Much love,

    Lynn Dennehy 703-338-5783 ________________________________

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