Day 14 of truth telling: Bank Tellers

Gold-Bars-in-Fort-KnoxToday my truth is:

My life is full of secrets. The secrets are dark places, heaviness, grief, joys, celebrations and sorrows. The secrets are breaths of release, places where sorrows are exposed, where human accomplishments are seen and where fulfilled dreams are delighted.

The secrets of which my life is full are not my own. This is one of the biggest secrets of my story. I often feel like a piggy bank for the secrets of others. I am honored to be invited into other’s stories in such a way. It is a privilege to carry the stories of others.

For many years I believed that the piggy bank of my heart was the final resting place for the secret currency of friends and strangers alike. Those years were full of heaviness, tension and lip biting. I carried these burdens alone. I did not know or more honestly I didn’t give my self permission to empty the contents of my piggy bank and entrust them to God who is actually capable of turning each secret into the greatest gold.

Secrets are gold. They are priceless and it is an honor to hold them with others, but gold… it gets heavy and I can not manage to carry all of the secrets alone. For I was not created with the capacity to do so.  God is.

I’ve learned over years of hearing and sharing the secrets of others that I have the honor of being a sort of bank teller. I get to receive the gold of the priceless secret and hand it over to safe keeping in the hands of One who has the capacity to hold, celebrate and share.

I’m thankful for this role. Today I’ve had the honor of hearing the secrets of others. I’ve cried with others. I’ve been angry with others. I’ve rejoiced with others and tonight, before I sleep, I get to hand each of these over to the care of Jesus. And I’m grateful.

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