Day 34 of telling my truth: Spring

IMG_1252Today my truth is:

I love spring. I love the sun. I love the feeling of the unexpected greeting me. I love the sound of birds and the evidences of new life springing up all around.

Yesterday I got to go for a bike ride. It was so good to be out. I even got burned by the sun. I don’t mind at all my goofy tan lines. In fact, I love them.

As I stated yesterday I see most everything through the eyes of metaphor and through the lens of Jesus and Kingdom. I met a friend for a walk this morning at 7. It wasn’t cold, I wore sun glasses, I didn’t have to move to warm. As I walked I soaked in the fresh air, buds on trees, grass turning to new shades of green, and flowers lining the trail. The winter is ending.

I so often identify with seasons and I must say that I am so glad that winter is ending.

With spring comes expectancy.

With spring comes new life.

With spring comes confidence.

With spring comes beauty, restoration and growth.

With spring comes deeper breaths and the knowing that Christ is risen… indeed.

These past few months have held challenge for me. Okay, life holds challenges for me. For each of us. There are times where the challenges feel as though they own me and where I give them permission to take up residence in unhealthy ways. Then there are times where challenges are brought to actually lead me to death. They dying of the old to make room for new.

This winter I have walked in dark and in the knowing of old dying. Much has died and these months of dying held both joy and sorrow. I’ve learned to hold both and know that it is actually a good thing to hold both, as the walk with Jesus and the walk in this life holds both.

As I walked today I reveled in the fact that so much of me is new too. I feel like, as a person, I keep getting better and better. I love who I am becoming. I love that I am feisty, filled with grace, and available for the good of others. I love that I value me enough to say no, to own my value and to walk tall with a confidence that comes from knowing who I am as a child of a really good King. This Lent practice of truth telling has been a significant part of that growth journey.

As spring sprouts in your neighborhoods, take some time to thank the Lord for death and new life. Thank him for that which He’s taken so that you might be in a place of receiving. Be at peace, taste joy and play.

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