noise and silence

Noise comes in many forms.

It clatters and clangs, ringing in my mind with not so muted tones.

Noise is not static. It is loud. It fills the space of my heart, mind and soul.

Noise is the busyness of sound.





Blank space


Off buttons


What lurks in silence that causes fear and discomfort?

What is hiding behind the closed doors of my heart, where pause gives invitation to their sight?

What faithlessness and unbelief are discovered in waiting and pause?

How deep is the loneliness felt in the space that is blank and the lies of insignificance found in an empty time slot?

When all is turned off and the noise disappears, what is it that awaits me? Why do I not welcome it?


Be still




lie down


Invitations to intimacy

Invitation to relationship

Invitation to connection, restoration and wholeness

Invitation to identity not as god of my own life, but in my place as child of Creator God

Invitations to receive


Each invitation, from God, inviting me to Him.

He invites me to connection, peace and whole as I remove the noise constantly clattering about.

The absence of noise, highlights those places absent of belief.

I repent.

I declare belief.

I choose to follow


Into silence.





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