Good-bye my shame

Shame creeps like the weeds in the cracks of my sidewalk. It seems to always find a way to break in, to kill, steal and destroy.

It is the enemy of relationship. It is the enemy of life and good and hope.

Shame breaks in with loud shouts and constant whispers

“You are unacceptable.”

People will leave you.

You are not enough

You are too much.

You… being you, will simply cause others to leave.

Shame sings its song and allures people with its tone.

Its tune, snarls, snares all while I hum to its sweet melody.

Shame is a facade and for far too long

shame’s facade has been a truth to which I clung.

Shame, you only know one language.

Deception is found in your very breath.


When given permission, shame will take over.


There is one who knows no shame.

One who desires relationship and is persistent, but never cruel.

There is one whose invitation is to life. Whose song is sweet and mighty and strong.

His voice is over the waters;  glory thunders over mighty waters

His voice is powerful, majestic and breaks to pieces the cedars of far off places

His voice is like lightning and resounds as if the sound of his words can shake the foundation of the desert. (Psalm 29)

His voice true and He alone will abolish shame

He loves

as I am…

He extends relationship

and tells me I am his own.


I belong to Him. He alone is my love, my foundation, my hope and the only tune to which I will sing.

He give strength to me and blesses me with peace.


Good-bye my shame you hold me no more



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