My life is a garden

The gardener cuts and tears and rips in kindness

he knows that the garden must be kept to thrive

weeds crowd out life

their vines surround that which bares fruit seeking to strangle its life

weeds are pulled


The gardener knows what is best and works diligently to keep the plants healthy

they grow not as a result of their own work


a plant can only grow via the help of outside elements





grow the tiny life.


The life grows with wild abandon.

Some say freedom comes in the mess of growing how or where ever

The gardner knows better

The gardner knows that the plant must be pruned, weeded and fed

The gardner does not expect the plant to do anything other than thrive

and he knows…

He knows he must play his part


The gardner rips and tears for the good of the plant

The gardner knows that the weeds destroy the soil for the plant

and he rids the soil of their presence

The gardner cuts back the unruly branches and all that does not bare fruit

for he knows,

he knows

that that which does not bare fruit robs nutrients from that which does.

He loves his plants.

He rejoices over them.

He is concerned with their well being.

He is kind to them.

He wants them to grow, not because he likes to watch them suffer,

but because he longs for them to thrive;

to grow into the mature plant he had in mind.


My life is the garden.

It is being cut and weeded, fed and pruned.

I feel the hand of the gardner as he lovingly searches through the branches of my life’s plant

to discover if there are places where no fruit will survive.


Pain, loss, healing



My life is a garden and it will thrive

I will sit in the kindness of my gardner and trust that he will care

with great love.

With Great Love,

the gardner loves me and is kind to me,

he is kind even in his pruning.


Gardner I trust you.

Have your way.

I will rest in your care.


One thought on “My life is a garden

  1. As an avid gardener, I know how true those words are and how true is the love a gardener has for the plants, their foliage, blooms, beauty so freely given. Thank you, Carrie

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