The sun of grace

The sun rises with orange;

she sets the tone for the day.

Her rays shine light awakening the sleeping earth.



The sun does not shine only on the just or good, she is a common grace

She is an invitation to Light. Hope. Good.

Each day she greets the sleepy with powerful and mighty silent shouts of grace

There is a hush to her call. An impact so great that the earth is changed by her daily appearance.


The sun is grace.

The sun shines on the heart broken, elated, playful and powerful.

The sun is a constant companion to the lonely, the wrestles, those who believe and those for whom belief is seemingly not an option.

She is physical and playful

She plays hide and seek with rain showers,

Though rain showers grey the sky her absence is never known.

Even in the darkest night, she still shines.

Her light is seen in the moon.


The sun is a gift an every day grace.

I lay beneath her and she changes me.

She is Light and without her, I would die.

I need the sun, I need her kindness, I need her grace.

I need her to envelop me and wash over me with the light of life.

I need the sun.


She shines and I know the sweet invitation of my Creator.

Oh God, my God your mercies are new every morning.

Oh God, my God your light gives sight, hope and peace to my soul.

Oh God, my God your Light surrounds me swirling and dancing and creating new life

May I breathe you in and feel your touch as I awake each morning.

May today, I feel washed by your grace.





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