A vow is a promise.





A vow is a commitment.





A vow is prophetic word.

I will.

I’ll be.

I’ll remain.


A vow is weighty.





A vow is full of whimsy.



Dependably, spontaneous.


Today I officiate a wedding of two resilient friends, loves, and committed followers of the way of Jesus.

I officiate a vow between them as they make a vow before God.

It is beautiful.

It is lovely.

It is breathtaking.

It is holy.


I see the Lord, I know his promise.

I walk in His way and He leads me.

May my life take on the vow that I have made to Him, that I would seek first His Kingdom

His righteousness

His way

and that I would know the prophetic word of promise, commitment, weight and whimsy

as I follow Jesus.

I’m thankful that the Lord teaches me, reminds me and speaks to me of my vow to Him and his promise to me.

I’m thankful that He uses my own life to speak,

to me,

for my good.

Today I’m thankful for the vow.

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