Life is filled with noise.

Noise robs me from the silent within.

Noise distracts me from the raw and real.

Noise keeps me occupied and lulls me away from the present.



Noise you hold me captive to your strong magnetic pull.

Noise you satisfy me in a moment and leave me wanting when I wake.



Noise you are the thing that keeps me from the deep

You are my foe disguised as friend

You are food

You are wine

You are all that distracts my mind

You are a blank stare at a high definition screen

You are mindless chatter and scrolling comparisons


Noise you speak with addictive allure I seek you out,

for you are my hidden desire.

Noise, I want to leave you

I want you out of my life.

I want your taste to become bitter

Like vinegar wine.


Oh to know Love.

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