I have a secret

The door opens. Light pours in.

In to the: Dark. Damp. Closeted.

Heart racing.

Hands shake.

Eyes close.  Panic.

The door opens light exposes the truth hidden in the secret place.


This place, holds the felt truth. This place holds the secret.

The secret we each hold.

The secret we never want exposed.

For if the secret is exposed, we know…

we believe

We’ve experienced

the only possible reaction.

Rejection. Disconnection. Abandon.

For our secret is the thing, we know, that when exposed reveals the truth that makes us, that makes me, unacceptable.

I struggle with…

I am not….

I am…

I’ve never…

I one time…

I was ….



I was told…

Heart races again.

The light hits the secret and washes over it.

The light invites the secret to come out of hiding.

The light does not reject or expose.

The light washes, heals and reveals.

The light warms.

The light is the light of divine judgement that leads to healing.


Soft. Scary. Real.

Slow. Gentle.




tender and compassionate

fiercely overwhelm the darkness and the lies that dwell there.

The closet revealed



The secret is out

I come out of the darkness

the damp

the closet of my secret

and walk

in the face of shame

but in the warmth of love.

Shame defeated by nakedness and destroyed by revelation.




Once held fear, now hold the truth.

My child where are you hiding?

A choice made to come out of dark and step into the Light of invitation to connection and relationship.

The Gospel.

A story of connection and salvation from shame.

The Gospel.

A message of one who knows our secrets and love us.

The Gospel.

The active movement of God, who is good and right and perfect, lovingly inviting his lost children to come out of hiding and into relationship.

The Gospel.

It is the Light that reveals. It is the Light that heals. It is the Light that takes the clothes off of our secrets and looks at our nakedness, loving, healing and cherishing.

The Gospel.

It is the place where secrets of shame are met with the Light of love.

Tell your secret.

Come out of darkness.

Reveal what’s hidden.

Speak of that which God already knows.

And walk in the truth:

You are

I am

loved, valued and accepted.

As is.

No questions asked.

Walk in the light as children of the light.

Be free to live a naked life.

Be free to submit the truth of your secret to the one who can heal you of its damage.



The Lord Speaks: My child… why are you hiding?

And we respond: My Father I no longer will hide. My secret is…



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