On being Human

Being human is something to which most of us give little thought. It is something that for me was even a shameful idea. Having been brought up in a very conservative environment, humanity was used almost as a curse or something that was shameful.

The curious part about this attitude toward humanity is that it actually causes core identity shame. I make a mistake, “I hate being human!” I have a desire, “oh humanity.” I struggle, it’s human’s fault.Humanity in some circles is looked at as such a thing of shame that at all costs people seek to forget their humanity and become something other. Like humanity and sin are synonymous terms.

In my core belief I trust that I was created by a good and loving God. I believe that God took great care in knitting together the human form, fashioning its every part and breathing His life into the being. Man, woman… created… by a good and loving God, with that God’s life as their source of breath. God breathed the very first breath into human and breath is the very last thing to go before each human life ceases to exist. Each human was created in the image of their Creator, a God who is good and right and perfect and He did not create a curse.

The human was made to think and feel and act and decide. The two humans were made distinctly, male and female and this was and still remains an important facet of the human experience. (but that topic is for another time.) Being human, however, is not evil. Being human or acting human or having a human nature is not evil. Being human, is being what was created.

In my seeking to understand the concept of identity over the past few years I have lived that which I’ve learned. First I began to see all things I found identity in apart from my Creator. The second year, I spent time, not really knowingly, seeking to understand the importance of femininity and masculinity. This is an important part of identity. Then this third year I’m realizing that the importance of being human.

As I’ve allowed myself to embrace my own humanity, I’m seeing patterns and places where I’ve been ashamed of my created being. Being human is a gift. The emotions and experiences that lie with in are too a gift. They are windows into the human souls and as I embrace them and allow for them to each be an ally rather than an enemy, my life experience blossoms into something beautiful, with depth and wisdom.


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