tearsTears come.

They flow at the most inconvenient of times.

They surface as stories are told,

love is shared,

rejection is felt,

beauty is seen,

loss is known,

relationships are lost,

and sorrow so deep invites them to the table.

Tears are an expression

of life

of feeling

of the depths

of that which moves.

Tears evidence movement within the soul.

Tears are invited to come out of their hiding place

by the heart

by the unknown

by the confusing

by the uncertain

by what I see

by what I read

by what I feel

by what I know.

Tears are the gift of uncovered emotion.

They are emotion out of hiding.

They are invitations to intimacy.

Tears are a gift.

Tears are the outward evidence of inward depth of feeling.

Tears are not weak.

Contrary to popular belief.

Tears are strong.

They are visions of vulnerability.

Tears tell a story.

Sometimes before the story is ready to be told

Sometimes so the story will be told.

Tears are grace.

They are the evidence of the water of life that penetrates the heart.

They are evidence of a God who creates us to be known,


and connected.

Tears are invitation to relationship.

Tears are good.

I fear my tears.

they are inconvenient

they out my inward emotion

they show my humanity

they invite intimacy when I’d rather know disconnection.

Tears are powerful.

They hold truth

nakedness and freedom.

They are the captive set free.

They are release.

They heal.


We… I fear my tears.

I can not control them, hold them back or release them

Tears come and go on their own schedule.

I know tears.

I know them deeply.

My tears appear when I am alone and they are my companion.

They are the window to my soul and they invite me to dance with them.

Tears evidence depth of fear





love and affection.

My tears tell a story, that at times

I need to know

and other times,

others need to know.

Tears are a gift.

They are a gift for me

they are a gift for those around me.

In these days,

where not much is familiar and I at times feel unknown,

even to myself,

my tears…

remind me that I feel

that I am known

that there is transformation taking place

that my soul is alive

and that I am human.

My tears invite me to know my humanity

and make friends with her.

Blessed be the one who cries

for their tears will lead them to their soul.

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