As we go throughout the day what are the thoughts and beliefs that form you?

This question is crucial as I continue to understand identity and value.

We each carry with us a set of beliefs about who we are, what makes us valuable, what keeps us belonging to those in our lives, and what makes us acceptable an unacceptable in the eyes of others.

Our beliefs form us.

And what forms us, makes us.

A. W. Tozer says, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

This is true, because what believe about who God is, is crucial to understanding who I am.

For instance:

Believing that God is not real forms me and potentially shapes me to believe I am in charge of giving my life value. I strive and work and become entrenched in the need to be a deep, capable and intelligent thinker and when that idea is threatened so is my value as a human.

Believing that God is a universal thought to whom there is no structure and no real connection to humankind, I could be shaped to believe that my life has little value and there is no true purpose for me to live. I could end up serving the opinions of the people around me, handing my power over to them and rising and falling on other’s acceptance of me.

Believing that God is a harsh cruel rule driven being could form me to live in fear and could also cause me to hand my value over to my ability to follow rules and please others. This belief about God can lead to living lives of legalistic, judgmental beings who only know they have value based upon how well they do or do not follow the rules.

Believing that God hates this group or that group leads me to believe that maybe God could hate me too. I could end up placing my value in the hands of a hate filled being, who is consistently disappointed in me. I subsequently live lacking any sense of value and self.

Believing that God is good, right and perfect forms humans as well. This belief causes a person to respond to life knowing that they have value because a good God always loves. A good God invites. A good God continues to pursue relationship. A good God remains with humans.

What I believe about God forms me, for I was formed by Him and in HIs image.

What I believe about God is the most important thing there is about me and about you.

As I seek to live a healthy, connected, emotionally whole and thriving life, I continue to realize that I must seek to know who God is and what He is like.

Do you live by guilt and fear? Take a moment to ask yourself, what does my fear and guilt reveal to me about what it is I believe about God.

Do you live a felt purposeless life? Take a moment to ask yourself, what does my felt purposeless communicate to me about my beliefs about God.

Do you feel lonely and disconnected? Take a moment to ask yourself, what does my loneliness and disconnection tell me about my understanding of who God is and what He is like.

Where there is pain, disconnection, and places where you know shame or unacceptability, get curious about your beliefs and ideas of God and reorient your thinking, instead of being weighed down by power of the beliefs that have formed you,

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