Ashes and invitations

Ashes. The remnant left over when all is destroyed.

Ashes. The reminder that what once was, is no more.

Ashes. A clear reminder that death has visited and has robbed life in some form.

Ashes, hold hope and sorrow.

Ashes, hold invitation and defeat.

Ashes, hold memories of presence and fears of the future without.


Today ashes were placed on my forehead.

In the form of a cross, the black soot, labeled me.

I was identified with the One who gave His life for mine.

I was identified with the One whose life was given, so that the ashes of my life would be filled with hope of renewal.

Ashes, like life, hold both joy and sorrow.

Ashes, like life, hold both promise and ache for promise fulfilled.


They tell a story of sacrifice.

A story of love.

A story of life.

A story of death.

A story of renewal.


I did not grow up within a tradition that practiced the remembrance of Ash Wednesday. I now love the invitation given to set aside a season, of 40 days, to remember, to identify with my life, the sacrifice of Jesus. So today. I choose to identify with Christ. I choose to live, with intension, thought, and action into His deep love for me. I choose to remove myself from remaining in the temperamental love and affections of this world and I choose instead to remain in His love. I choose to respond to HIs invitation to come and so I will spend the next 40 days responding to His invitation to come: Come and see, come and live, come and rest, come and follow, come and receive, come and eat, come and drink, come.




In MY love.

So, with psalms, poems and prayers I will blog my experience of coming and remaining in the love of Jesus.

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