Today I boarded the first of three flights to Alicante, Spain. I sat on the tarmac for an extra hour because of a battery issue. Trying not to think about the plane’s mechanical issues I listened to some music, tried to take a nap and kept slipping in my chair. I wore a dress thinking it was a good travel choice and in fact the fabric, when it meets with the leather of the seats becomes a slip and slide of sorts.

Pictures of a lovely evening celebrating a friend’s birthday filled my mind.

As the plane took off, I had a wave of fear sweep over me. I had images of the engine giving up mid flight and me subsequently plummeting to my death. As I envisioned the plane’s decent I stopped myself and began to pray, “Prince of peace, be my peace.” I spoke the words over and over again wanting to feel the peace He could bring.

Then, it happened, mid-prayer, I suddenly was overwhelmed with a choice. “Cari, is your vision bringing you life?” No.. I thought to myself. “Then Cari, is that vision from me?” Again, No! I immediately chose a different vision. The vision that came to mind was that of a crown being placed on my head. I don’t know what the crown looked like, but I knew what it felt like to wear one. When the crown was placed on my head, the dark fled and light and peace filled me. It was as though the crown freed me of fear and changed my vision.

This summer, while I’m in Spain, I will be teaching on identity. Today I had an encounter with the war between our felt identities. There is the helpless, poor, fear filled identity that unfortunately many of us have as our default setting mentally and then there is the identity that comes as we are adopted into the family of God. He places a crown on our heads and fear vanishes as His love covers us. We become overcomers, we have authority to bless and speak life and give courage away.

Last night, at my friend’s party the girls made and wore flower crowns. When that crown went on my head, I felt beautiful, lovely and somehow I felt my royal identity as a daughter of a really good King. As I board my next flight to Amsterdam, I board sitting tall, (with exception of my slip and slide dress), without fear and full of light and life, knowing that my Father, the good King, has crowned me with His love, His very self.

2 thoughts on “Crowned

  1. Loved reading every single thought of yours from the flying and worry syndrome to the crown of peace from the king of peace himself! Praise God for those touchdown moments on the tarmac and in our spiritual journey. I will carry the imagery with me. Thank you!

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