Jet lag and reunions


This day started with sleep. I have had quite the case of jet lag. It is a strange deal, flying for a few hours and basically skipping a day of life in the process…. flying always makes me think. There are other stories and completely different lifestyles, cultures and lives taking place everywhere that are so different than my own. It is a big world and a world which needs light in every single corner.

This world is simple. As I type I hear the sound of the Mediterranean waves crashing against the rocky beach. Its sounds are a sort of lullaby which draws me in to its mystery, while simultaneously lulls me to rest. Altea is a small town, it rests along the sea and boasts of an old cathedral, beautiful walks, lots of art and beaches which it nestles into. Though Altea is small it has two distinct sections; the beach and old town. The two have very different cultures and are divided by a staircase, of which Rocky himself would jump up and down once he completed. The beach culture is filled with tourists. At any given moment I can hear at least five languages and assume that most of those eating and drinking along the paseo are not locals. Once the stairs are concurred, I walk into a whole new world. (I just started singing the Aladdin theme song, but it’s the best phrase possible. Forgive me) This world is filled with ancient buildings, a wall that was built during the Crusades, restaurants, cafes, houses and locals. I like that there are two worlds. It is a feast for the senses and a very good place to practice the art of seeing and listening to place.

Summer begins in July for most European travelers, therefore, Altea is sleepy. Soon, it will be filled with the bustle of tourists and I will be attending the group of 30 plus participants in this year’s program. But for now, I’m enjoying the waves, the quiet walks, reconnecting with friends and doing my best to establish normal sleeping patterns.

Tonight, I go to sleep, lulled by the sound of the ocean and happy that I was able to be with so many I love. Relationships make a place and for that fact, this place holds a bit of my heart. May Jesus bring the light through us and may we experience His light through His work in this place.

3 thoughts on “Jet lag and reunions

  1. And I can totally picture you singing the Aladdin theme song during that! Love you! Bart and I are praying for your summer. Take care of our Steph (as you always do!) 🙂

  2. Wow…between the idea of jet lag, the sounds of crashing waves and thought of the warm Mediterranean sun on my shoulders…I am ready for a nap…and I feel like I right there with you in Altea. It sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to take this “virtual” vacation with you. I love your descriptions, insights and storytelling…I’m looking forward to learning more about Altea, the people you are meeting, the foods you are enjoying and relationships you are making. Keep shining bright for all to see…you do it so well. Blessings sweet friend and love from Nor Cal!

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