A day that would fill a week


The stories of today feel as though they would fill a week of stories. As I walked through the town my senses were peaked remembering much of the brick streets, white buildings, and sea breeze. I love the sound of the sea, the familiar faces, the language that is a mystery but becoming more familiar with each day. When I’m here I feel alive. When I am here I feel as though I play.

Relationships are remarkably important in this culture. All things pause for people. In my time here I get to invest in people, all day. (I get to invest in me too.) It is beautiful and life giving. I know that God is doing work in all places and to be partnering with Him in this place is such an incredible privilege.

This place agrees with me.

Soon I will have a group of just over 30 individuals from the States who will be eager and ready to learn, experience, explore and engage. I will be a bit more divided in attention, as I will want to spend time with my Spanish friends, the students, other group participants and staff. I know that the time here will go quickly. It is important for me to make use of the time I have, receiving the blessing of the Father to be a blessing to those with whom I come in contact.

Tomorrow I will wake to another day filled with good. I will wake to adventure, to connection with God and people, to a feast for my senses and to expectation of seeing God display His good throughout the hours.

“When I awake I am with you.” Psalm 139:18

Tomorrow, take some time and see how the Lord is also with you. Where do you see Him? How do you experience Him? Blessings be upon your sight today.

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