The Sea


The sea is a constant here in Altea. Altea nestles into the Mediterranean and takes on its life and rhythm. Tonight the sea is peaceful and quiet. Any noise that is above the subtle sound of the sea’s movement stands out like yellow on a black wall. I am sitting on the balcony of one of the five homes that have been rented throughout Altea for our group this summer. I feel at peace here.

One of my very favorite aspects of the sea is its color. It is an ever changing patchwork of blue. The colors change with the mood of the sky and are made brilliant by the light of the sun. The sea itself is constant, but the way it looks changes. Today the sea was a brilliant blue, a bright turquoise, grey and a smattering of dark navy, sky blue and sea blue. Each time I encountered the sea it told a different story.

Because I often see life as metaphor the sea has been my teacher. I have seen Creator God in the sea. He is constant. He is mighty. He is peaceful. He is always there. He changes in appearance but not in character. We, who live in Him, reflect Him. Therefore, He too is seen in a patchwork of beauty.

I am invited into the sea’s story. I watch it every day and am enraptured by it. I can’t wait to dive into it and swim in the life that is to be had in its flow.

I desire to be one who reflects the brilliant color of the sea. I want to reflect the image of my Creator. I want to live in the juxtapositions of permission given by the sea. The constancy and the change. The ever present and the grey. The steady power and the brilliant blues.

God does not invite us into a story that is bland and one dimensional, He is multifaceted and He, like the see holds more than one truth at the same time. This past year, I was learning to live in the reality that I hold grief and joy. I hold with in me the hope found in a constant present God and the profound dark that lies within life’s experiences. I know the depths of loneliness and the fact that I am consumed by Him and His ever present nature.

My experience of God is like my experience of the sea and here in Altea, He shows Himself to me every day.

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