Daily practices for Lent: Ash Wednesday

I can struggle with Lent. What do I give up? What do I take on? How do I practice? it seems that my questions have mostly to do with actions I feel at times compelled and other times, if I’m honest, obligated to participate in. Often Lent is seen as a time to make a resolution, much like at New Years, and often by day 9 the practice has been forgotten and I am back to life as usual, but this time with a little guilt about not living up to my promise to God. I call this anti-Lent.

Lent is a season of preparation for Easter, a time when we, as ones who follow Jesus, seek to grow closer to Jesus for the formation of our selves and the transformation of the people and places around us. It is a time leading up to the most painfully beautiful and powerful act of Jesus, his death on a cross and the most powerful of all, his resurrection from the dead. These two acts changed history and have shaped my life profoundly.

In the forty days of Lent this year I am going to write each morning with a reflection of my own experience and an invitation to join. I’d love your thoughts on what you are seeing, hearing, feeling and learning during these days of Lent. I’d love to hear how you experienced the day’s practice so that we might learn from one another.

Today our practice is : Remember

Today, throughout the day take time to remember Jesus. In what way has he been alive in your life? How have you been shaped by him? Remember the story of Easter. Remember the cross. Remember the empty tomb. Remember and ask Jesus to reveal what He wants you to remember about Him during these 40 days. What invitation do you hear? What thought comes to mind? What scene is played out? Share it with us.

As you remember take some time to listen to this song and let the word speak as you rememberYour Glory/Nothing but the Bood

Pray: Father, you are good and beautiful and true. Thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus and for his saving work on the cross and in my life. Allow today for me to remember the story of your death and resurrection. Allow me today to turn away from the worry, wickedness and ways of this world and turn instead toward Jesus. Amen

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