Daily Practices for Lent: Day 2

cropped-photo-3.jpgWhen I was little I started a practice that has carried on into adulthood. As I am about to close my eyes to fall asleep I say, “Good night Jesus. I love you, thank you for loving me.” And in the morning I roll over, stretch and say, “good morning Jesus! Thank you for loving me, let me walk in your love today.” Most days, these are the last words I say before sleep and the first when I wake. It’s become a way for me.

There are days where the words mean little more than the sound they make as they come out of my mouth. And there are other days, where I can barely say them because his love feels far away. And still other days I say the words with tenderness and deep belief for HIs love feels near and I simply want him to know I love him and want him to know that he is my first and last thought of the day.

Jesus’ love for me is simple and powerful. It is the most transformative gift I’ve been given and the most difficult to receive. His love and his presence are my hope and my desire is that he become my resting thought, the place my mind goes when it wanders off. I think that place, is the place of adoration; much like a couple in love who can not help but think of their lover throughout the day, the lover becomes the thought that lives just behind every thought.  May Jesus be that for me.

Today our practice is: Adoration

Pay attention to your thoughts today when you mind wanders off. What is the resting thought of your mind? What does it reveal to you about what you adore?

When your mind wanders off to a person, thank the Lord for the person. If your mind wanders to a situation that is difficult, Praise the Lord for His steadfast character and His goodness. Perhaps your mind wanders to a conflict or a broken relationship, Praise the Lord for His forgiveness. In essence, turn your thoughts to Jesus, take your thoughts captive and move from adorations of control, fear, disappointment, people’s approval, and move towards Jesus in all things. For he is your help and salvation.

Listen: Praise to the Lord, The Almighty

Pray: Father who are in heaven Praise be to your name! Your Kingdom come and your will be done both in heaven and on earth. I pray that your son become the thought behind every thought in my mind. May you increase my love for him and my ability to receive his love for me. Show me what I adore that keeps me from adoring him and kindly lead me to turn away from one adoration to turn towards an adoration for Jesus. On this day, may you increase my awareness of my resting thoughts and lead each thought to your son Jesus. Amen

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